WªLL Demo - April 2015

by WªLL

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Art should be separated from sight, brought closer to sound, bound to taste. You make me feel religious.


released April 12, 2015



all rights reserved


WªLL Cardiff, UK

Here come the Hot Chocolate Kids

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Track Name: Never Speak of These Things
Ignorant. Never speak of these things. Keep us close keep us ignorant.
Track Name: The Look
I was object I was subject objectify me there’s a certain kind of man who thinks in ways who thinks he is the centre of the world and there's a certain kind of man who thinks that his ego is all there is the look Got it now there’s a certain kind of man who would much rather fuck his mother than another and there's a certain kind of man who feels desires pinch like hate the look got it now and under golden arches mine green and blue in a burning glare I melt away.
Track Name: Surrender
There’s something black in these veins trace the lines like landscapes Inhale to x via y there’s something in these veins I want you to surrender me the contradiction of addiction Is the desire for desire to go I’m consumed I’ll send in the troops I will kill for it I want you to surrender to me.
Track Name: Wage
There’s a war on these streets that there waging time not only rhymes it repeats things could be changing six shot and killed for one boys desires fourteen women dead for another’s hatred vacuity cannot birth these conclusions all these ideas have their time and place position totemic got to be got all represented got to be got no one consenting got to be got tight fitting brackets got to be got Elliot this body is a battleground fit this image or be found black flags raised in vanity I must be seen and not heard I must be heard and always seen I’m safe in the knowledge I’ll never be free.
Track Name: Qualia/Cogito
I think I saw a mourning room a child in bloom I think I felt a sensitive touch a hate for lust that side scratching winding struggle softly finding the caustic taste for blood the scream screech of thought I think I feel the floor I think I locked the door I think I think I think I think I think twisted metal broken glass cold rain Warm breath smeared condensed breath I think therefore I am.